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The Top 5 Scents for Property Viewings

The way a home smells has such a significant influence on a buyer’s first impression of it. That’s why your knowledgeable real estate agent will have a strong reason for wanting your house to smell as wonderful as it can before showings and open houses. Therefore, when presenting your property to potential buyers, it is just as vital to ensure that it does not have an offensive odor as it is to create an atmosphere with a scent that is “subtle but attractive.” After all, you not only want to prevent the humiliation of turning off potential buyers with strong unpleasant scents, but you also want to help them fall in love with your house. To help you do just that, further in this article, you’ll find a list of the best 5 scents for property viewings.

Make sure your home is spotlessly clean!

During the home staging process, real estate agents frequently suggest to their sellers that they utilize scented candles or similar items. However, keep in mind that it is always preferable to get rid of the source of unpleasant odors rather than using candles or scent sticks to cover them up. Instead of trying to hide the house’s flaws, the scent should accentuate its beauty.


Woman cleaning window

The harsh reality is that adding smells without thoroughly cleaning your home first can
result in an overpowering combination.


Therefore, before any showings, make sure to give the property a thorough cleaning and let it get some fresh air. Make sure to pay special attention to areas that you are aware are contributing to any odor in any way. Carpets, upholstered furniture, pet beds, and comforters are all examples of items that might absorb odors and should be washed or cleaned regularly.

We would also recommend leaving your indoor plants in your home during viewings. Plants help eliminate odors and can only compliment the overall atmosphere in your home. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stage your home as a jungle. But a couple of plants here and there can really make a difference. After your home is sold, moving plants to a new home can even be done by hiring professionals to transfer them with ease.

Scents that will make potential buyers not want to leave your property viewings

Now that your home is spotless, it’s time to make it smell good. Chances are that, while reading through different buying and selling tips, you’ve come across advice to make your home smell like freshly brewed coffee or freshly baked cookies. However, those aromas can actually work against you despite its association with property viewings.

Strong odors cause purchasers to think about what the aroma is instead of concentrating on the task at hand, in this case, inspecting your home. When using scents for property viewings, the latest thought is to go for a more delicate approach. Clean and fresh is the way to go, but you’ll still need to smell undertones that are easier to digest for the olfactory senses. Here are our top five to choose from.

Flowers in a vase with candle and iPhone on a bedside table next to a bed

Scented candles will be your best friends when staging your property for sale.

#1 Lavender for a relaxing atmosphere

Selling a property may be difficult and even anxiety-inducing for both sellers and buyers. But you can easily use scents to create a more relaxing environment. Lavender is the only one of the best to use as it has been scientifically proven to help with relaxation. Lavender is our top choice because it can help you create a friendly environment for potential buyers. However, it’s also a great general solution for making your home smell wonderful. The aroma exudes serenity, peace, and calmness, all of which are in short supply during open houses and viewings.

#2 Pine to make your home feel fresh

Pine is a scent that very often comes as a surprise to many sellers. This is mostly because the scent of these coniferous trees has been misappropriated in low-quality cleaning products throughout the years. However, if you can find a good pine aroma to fill your property with, you’ll definitely be onto something. According to research, walking through a pine-filled wood can enhance feelings of well-being. If you manage to replicate that atmosphere, you’ll make the viewing day that much better.

#3 Vanilla for the feeling of coziness and comfort

Vanilla has earned a terrible rap in the last few decades. This is mostly because this word was associated with boring, plain, and basic. In reality, vanilla has one of the coziest scents you can find. Vanilla’s pleasant aroma is known to help ease stress and anxiety, creating a relaxing atmosphere that might make your home feel like paradise for anyone looking at numerous properties that day. However, when it comes to vanilla, always keep in mind that less is more. If you use too much, this scent can easily become overpowering and potentially ruin the impression buyers have of your home.

#4 Jasmine for serenity

While you want potential buyers to be enthusiastic about your home, you also want them to remain calm during the viewing. You want them to get a perfect opportunity to absorb all of the details and truly fall in love with your property. This is where jasmine can help a lot. Jasmine is considered one of the most relaxing scents, but it’s still under-appreciated when it comes to property viewings. Give it a try, and we’re absolutely sure your buyers will love it!

#5 Citrus for an energetic feel

If you put yourself in buyers’ shoes, you’ll quickly understand how exhausting house hunting can be. In fact, chances are your home isn’t the first one potential buyers are looking for that day. But if you greet your visitors with citrus fragrances, you’ll give them a surge of energy and optimism. Citruses are also modern, clean, and fresh, making them great scents to use for property viewings.

Platter of fresh fruit

One of the best scents for property viewings is citrus because it will make your home
feel fresh and energized.

Which one of the scents for property viewings will you use?

We hope our list of top five scents for property viewings inspired you to choose the perfect one for you. But remember—the key to a successful home sale lies in reaching out to experienced real estate professionals who can help you market the home in the best way and thus quickly attract the right buyers. Good luck with your home sale!

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And that’s a wrap on summer

Fall 2022 | Featured Homes + Our Favorite Resources, Newsletter and Blog

With Summer In the Rear View Mirror

It’s Time to Welcome Fall

We hope you had a wonderful summer and enjoyed some new experiences. As you gear up for Fall let us know how we might best assist you to accomplish your real estate goals. And we are always happy to share our recommendations and resources. Whether a client, friend or colleague we look forward to connecting soon.

All our best, Debbi, Adam and Chase

Not often does a home come up in Piedmont that is under $1,500,000. We can’t report the sale price yet, but these buyers will be happy once they settle in, do a little work and even expand the home down the road. If I got my hands on it I could make it shine. I do not look at a home the way it is, I see it in my minds eye imagining what I can do it. If you are interested in my vision I am always happy to share my ideas. (There is NO obligation nor any fee for a consult and chat). — Take Note — This living room has been virtually staged. Step Inside

Schedule a Convenient Time to Preview Any of Our Listings or Others

What We Love About Wildwood Gardens 141 Wildwood Gardens, Piedmont – Elegant, Hi Tech, Level In, Beautifully Appointed Contemporary with Glorious, Lush Landscaping Located in One Of Piedmont’s Most Desirable Neighborhoods. Offered at $3,495,000

What We Love About Craig Avenue: Location, Location, Location and…
35 Craig Avenue, Piedmont. Located one block to the center of town and Piedmont’s Top Rated Schools K-12, the Piedmont Park and Mulberry’s Market. Stop by and see us this weekend! Offered at $2,995,000

Hiller Highlands | They Go FAST! Keep in touch if you are ever interested buying or leasing up here on the hill. We love living in Hiller. The views are magical and change color almost every night.

What We Love About Hiller: The Majestic, Magnificent Views
Currently being prepared for market: Hiller Highlands: 1881 Grand View Drive, $5350 Mo (Just Leased) and 4 Clipper Hill $5600 Mon – both with San Francisco Bay Views. Looks like Clipper may be going soon.

Next Up… our favorite resources and recommendations

Each Month we will Highlight One of Our Favorite Places, Resources and Recommendations –We Have So Many!  Please feel free to email us your favorites or your business so we can feature them here, or on our social media pages. Send to Debbi.DiMaggio@corcoranGL.com | Restaurants, Travel Destinations, Spas, Day Trips, Grocery Stores, Recipes, Businesses, Hiking Trails… anything and everything.

Resource Highlight: Home + Pet Sitter
Kitties, Puppies, Dogs, Cats, Fish and Home…
Everyone Needs Someone To Love and Adore Their Pet. Are you seeking someone to take care of, and love your pet the way you do when you are away? We highly recommend our friend Merrit. Merrit will travel locally, nationally even internationally. Be sure to schedule in advance — She’s booking up quickly.  Click Away

Where We Love To Eat!  Bistro Don Giovanni: Pasta, Pesto, Prosciutto, Wood-Fired Pizza, Burrata, Fried Calamari, Tiramisu. Are you inspired, yet?

Bistro Don Giovanni is our favorite go to restaurant anytime of year but this summer it’s been a place of many celebrations from college graduations and saying farewell to our grads plus a few birthday celebrations sprinkled in. But you don’t need an excuse to enjoy – Click and Book​​​ Mangia!

4110 Howard Ln, Napa, CA

Meet Stanly

Stanly Ranch opened April 2022 and is our recent favorite local destination retreat.

Stanly Ranch, Napa’s Newest Luxury Resort is another magnificent property in the Auberge Resorts Collection. We discovered this lovely new property in July and had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday at the spa and poolside with friends.
The resort reminds me of DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, a small community where we had a second home for many years.
Go for the day or overnight. It’s about 50 minutes from the East Bay and just across the highway from the Carneros Resort + Spa, another favorite of ours — Click to Preview – Relax and ENJOY!

Helping others is what feeds our soul. It’s our goal each and every time we partner with a client is to make their transition as smooth as possible. I mean we are all human, so things happen, but we definitely strive to do the very best we can. We thank this wonderful couple for their kind recommendation. It’s hard to believe I have known them since I was probably 5 years old!


We have known Debbi since she was a little girl and have watched her progress thru the real estate business over the last 30 years. When we called her we expected to get good service but we were honestly wowed by both of them. Debbi, Adam and Chase are professional, knowledgeable but more important than anything, they both had a sense of urgency. And I mean rapid and accurate response. I have a consulting business and try to provide rapid urgent response to my clients. And I got that and more from Debbi and Adam. I would recommend them in a second, no conditions. They are good. And we got what we wanted. Best, Len and Mary Bertain ★ Read Other Testimonials

Realtor Network Connect

Being Sure Our Clients Get the BEST Service No Matter Where They Go

Adam and I refer clients to other passionate and knowledgeable Realtors outside areas we do not specialize in so we can be sure they get the BEST service possible. So if you are seeking a home outside of the East Bay allow us to connect you with one of our Realtor partners so we can be sure you, your friend, colleague or family member is provided with exceptional service, attention to detail and utmost care just, as we provide to our clients. And if you are a REALTOR please reach out so we can discuss the possibility of partnering with you.

★ Let’s Connect ★

510.414.6777 Debbi DiMaggio
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DiMaggio & Betta Group August 15, 2022

Don’t Follow the Pack, Lead the Pack

Sound off with Debbi DiMaggio as seen in SF Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle. (April 17, 2022) Reprint


Although our market is a little different today, August 2022 –I still stand by what I share below regarding contingencies.

Q: What are your thoughts on waiving contingencies? – Jordan Guinn, SF Chron

In our fast moving market it is crucial to remove all contingencies along with making your highest and best offer at the get-go. Inventory is at an all time low and there are more Buyers than ever — all highly qualified. (Edit: Although the market has not moved as fast this summer, it is still important to prove to the Seller you will to perform, so do your work ahead of time). I believe we will see more Buyers back in the market after Labor Day, so Buyers should take advantage of the current market. Don’t follow the pack, lead the pack!

Waiving Contingencies:

This does not mean you simply tell your Buyer to write a non-contingent offer without explaining what that means and what the ramifications will be should they not perform.

3 contingencies buyers should waive in order to compete and how to be sure they are in a good position to do so.

1. Loan Contingency: A Buyer should be comfortable enough to remove their loan contingency —if, their lender confirms that they are a strong enough borrower for the price they are offering. It’s Not up to the agent.

2. Appraisal Contingency: a few aspects to consider —The lender will loan up to 80% of the appraised amount. How does the home compare to similar sales and how many offers are being submitted. And speak with their lender to get their opinion on the borrower.

3. Home Inspection Contingency: Typically a full set of  inspections will be provided. Be sure the Buyer reads them and if they have questions obtain your own inspectors or contractors to look at the house before the offer date. Rarely will a Buyer prevail in today’s market with a contingency. As the agent you must be sure your Buyer understands what this all means to them.


If you have questions about the market or would like us to assist you with your real estate goals, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Debbi DiMaggio | Debbi.DiMaggio@corcoranGL.com | 510.414.6777

Adam Betta | Adam.Betta@corcoranGL.com | 510.414.1250

Chart your real estate goals with us.

DiMaggio & Betta GroupMarketing A Home August 9, 2022

Our Top 3 Tech Platforms

What are your Top 3 favorite or most used technology platforms in your field? My top 3 most valuable real estate tools are as follows:

Docusign, my iphone and Instagram.

Docusign allows us to list homes and write offers from anywhere, it’s a game changer.

My iPhone keeps me in constant communication with my team, staff, transaction coordinator and of course our invaluable clients!

Instagram is my favorite social media app to inspire, share and connect, as well as a platform to showcase our beautiful listings.

DiMaggio & Betta GroupHome Selling May 24, 2022

5 reasons a seller should stage

  1. We get one chance to make a good first impression, and selling a home is no different
  2. Photographs look better and will draw in more Buyers and provide more marketing opportunities
  3. The home will sell faster
  4. Buyers can visualize themselves in the home easier
  5. Staging is an expense, thus a tax write-off for the Seller

Allow us to help you prepare your home for market. Step Inside

Learn More


DiMaggio & Betta GroupIn The News April 7, 2022

Top 100! Always An Honor to Be Recognized

Top 100 People in Real Estate

Just as fans nationwide reached out to Joe DiMaggio generations ago, celebrities across Hollywood and beyond enlist Debbi DiMaggio’s help in finding the perfect home. Among them, Stephan James, Julianne Moore, Sally Field, Hugh Grant, Linda Fiorentino, and Tom Arnold. Her famous third cousin played baseball simply for the love of the game, epitomizing grace, excellence, and high standards—a legacy of passion and character that runs deep in Debbi’s veins as she and her husband and partner, Adam Betta, serve as the inspiring “Realtors for the Generations.” Together, they are the award-winning duo that is the DiMaggio & Betta Group, a luxury residential real estate boutique under Corcoran Global Living where, in their eyes, everyone is a VIP, from first- time home buyers to athletes, firefighters, teachers, and CEOs. Indeed, Debbi is not your typical real estate agent. She is an author, a philanthropist, a nurturer, and a thought leader, sought by industry and media outlets everywhere, with her work featured in Luxury Real Estate, East Bay News, Oakland Magazine,

Unique Homes Magazine, and on KGO 810 Consumer Talk Radio Show, KDOW 1220 AM Real Estate Radio Live, KRON4 TV, and as a guest speaker at an inauguration luncheon to the Women’s Council of REALTORS in Los Angeles.

Debbi and Adam have practiced real estate for over 30 years and are both leaders and partners in their Piedmont, CA based firm. Corcoran Global Living is the result of a recent merger between their former luxury residential brokerage, Highland Partners, which they co-founded in 2008 with their close partners during the mortgage meltdown. The significance of joining forces with Corcoran Global Living in 2021, for their agents as well as their own business, is that they can provide clients with the power, tools, and resources, along with a network of agents across 40+ offices. And even more exciting for the two is having their son, Chase Betta, join the family business and their team, The DiMaggio & Betta Group.

Debbi and Adam work with anyone, from first-time homebuyers to people who have owned homes for decades to those wishing to purchase a second home. One of their philosophies, and one that has earned them their excellent reputation, is to treat each and every person involved in the transaction like a close friend, from contractors and service providers to every client they serve. Debbi and Adam work to demystify the real estate process to educate people and take the stress out of the transaction, providing a host of resources, from home prep and staging for sellers to advice for investors and those looking to upgrade or downsize—all with Debbi and Adam’s capable guidance coordinating it all. Their genuine care creates real and lasting connections with clients and their families. “There are a lot of moving parts in every transaction, and when everything comes together, it’s incredible,” Debbi says. “Making our clients happy never gets old.”

Despite her and Adam’s inarguable success, they view themselves as counselors, not salespeople. “We educate, facilitate, and guide. If we think a client is interested in a home that may not be ideal, we’re honest with them. But in the end, the decision is always theirs,” Debbi explains. Furthermore, Debbi and Adam do not believe in competition, but rather cooperation and helping everyone succeed in real estate. “We love to help, guide, and counsel other agents. It feeds our souls.” And she means it, sharing her knowledge via her blogs and media appearances, as a guest expert on event and conference panels, and in her and Adam’s books, The Art of Real Estate and Real Estate Rules!


Top 100

Neighborhoods March 16, 2022

5 things to explore in San Francisco

Top 5 Things to See, Do and Experience in San Francisco.


1. Ride the Cable Car to Nob Hill and Stop for Drinks at the Tonga Room at the beautiful and historic Fairmont Hotel.

2. Visit San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art –any day of the week, but if you’re in town check out – Art Bash on Friday, April 8th, 2022 from 6-1AM. Join SFMOMA for an unforgettable night at the museum celebrating contemporary art and artists. — Dinner + Art Auction: This year’s party kicks off with cocktails and a dinner experience designed by artist Sarah Cain, highlighted by an art auction with works by Jeff Koons, Julie Mehretu, Larry Sultan, William Kentridge, and Lynn Hershman Leeson. Click the link to Purchase Tickets.

3. Escape to Alcatraz – It’s hard to imagine I haven’t ever visited the island and I have lived here all my life. But if you ask me about New York and LA, I probably know more about those cities and attractions then my own.

4. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge, or….enjoy it overhead by SeaPlane! Book Here

No alt text provided for this image

5. Love to Eat? Take San Francisco Food Tour

No alt text provided for this image

So many more things to see, do and experience, these are just a few.

Share your favorites with us!

For other recommendations feel free to reach out. Debbi.DiMaggio@CorcoranGL.com | 510.414.6777

Interested in Buying, Selling or Investing we are here to assist. Begin your home search right away by clicking here and entering your desired area. We are happy to set you up with a customized search.

Selling? Begin here.

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DiMaggio & Betta GroupNeighborhoods January 27, 2022

College Ave, Rockridge to the Elmwood District

A quick peek into Debbi’s Favorites and frequented businesses on College Ave. By all means these charming district’s offer many more worthwhile visits than those mentioned here. 

So take a week to sip, dine, shop & shine.

Health & Wellness 

Rockridge Day Spa. Begin or end your day  with a relaxing facial. See menu for other offerings. Ask for Isis. 

Enjoy a Spa Day


Reboot Float and Cryo Spa. Unwind in the float tank or dance in the cryo chamber. Learn more about the health benefits.


Pressed. Cleanse… to your health or just enjoy their fresh, clean juices. Pressed is located next to Safeway and across the street from Reboot.

Shop, For Yourself or A Friend

Maison d’Etre.  Maison d’Etre, my favorite gift shop in Oakland. When I wanted to brighten up my day during COVID and SIP I would stop by to browse and pick up a new liquid soap, they have so many beautiful bottles to choose from.


Nathan & Co. Also a sweet gift boutique on College, although I also shop at their Piedmont Avenue store. For the past two Christmas’ I bought my daughter vibrant cookbooks from Nathan & Co.


Dine, Sip & Socialize  

Grab lunch or dinner at Belotti Ristorante e Bottega.


Meet a friend for Happy Hour at Acote. They have a charming back patio.


Grab & Go

Rockridge Market Hall. Pasta, Cheese, Fruit, Vegetables, Wine, Fish, Bakery, Flowers  & Gifts 


Casa Barotti Spizzicheria. It’s actually a hybrid between pizza and focaccia. They make their dough with a blend of soft winter wheat from both California and Italy. 


Sweets & Morning Treats

Boichik Bagels 

A true New York bagel company in Oakland/Berkeley. My daughter who lives in New York is always asked to bring back NY bagels, but she has always said, Boichik Bagels are better. To her delight there was a write up in our local newspaper stating exactly as she always professed. –Expect a line, although it does tend to move fast. Someone will come out and take your order which is helpful.

Are the best bagels in CA not NY?


Battle Of The Bagel: California Bakery Creates Bagel Room In Competition To New York


La Farine – Boulangerie. Cakes, Cookies, Tarts, Pastries and More … simply fresh and delicious. 

DiMaggio & Betta GroupHome Selling January 21, 2022

Downsizing and Your Best Next Chapter

In 2015, which seemed as if it were just the other day, we hosted a seminar at the Piedmont Center for the Arts for homeowners who have resided in their home for 20 years or longer, it was called, Demystifying the Downsizing Process. Flash forward to today, 2022. We listed and are selling the home of one of our attendees. She even kept the memo pad I handed out with the book we wrote, The Art of Real Estate.  The memo pad was one of the many things uncovered as she purged and packed for her relocation and new chapter.

Here are 5 questions to see if you are ready or almost ready to make the move and downsize your home.

  1. Have you resided in your home for over 20, 30 or 40 years?
  2. Are you living in your home alone, and/or is your home too large for your current needs?
  3. Are you overwhelmed with the thought of making a move?
  4. Are you interested in accessing the cash in your home?
  5. Do you have questions about the process? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then allow us to guide, counsel and discuss the possibilities and layout your options.

Simply book a complimentary consultation to get started.

Our goal is to educate, guide, be a resource, connect and refer you to those who can help make this next chapter seamless. Allow us to do what we do best which is to facilitate the process with ease, experience and our extensive knowledge.

Home Buying January 18, 2022

Top 5 Steps to A Successful Home Buying Experience

Knowledge is power. Experience is key. Relationships drive success.  Follow these 5 steps to lessen the length of time it takes to prevail in the home buying arena. 

  1. Identify the right Realtor. Ask a family member, trusted friend or colleague for a referral, speak to other professionals and do your due diligence. And  not everything you see online from ranking websites are accurate. Take Yelp for instance. Not all, but some of those Realtors listed as specialists in an area may have never even sold a home there. It’s a pay for play site. Take the time to speak with the agent you’re considering using. You’ll learn first hand if they’re the best for you or not.  
  2. Now that you’ve established who you’ll be working with, allow your Realtor to make an introduction to lenders they’ve had success with. It’s important that a buyer works with a reputable lender who your agent has worked with or at least confident the lender can get the deal done.  How does your lender do this? Speak to the lender, ask questions and ask to speak to an agent they’ve closed deals with in the past. The listing agent will want that reassurance as well.
  3. Begin your search early in order to gain insight and gather information. Oftentimes buyers will begin their search online and preview homes on their own. That’s a better option for the future but when you’re just getting started it’s helpful for your Realtor to preview a few homes together with you so they can best understand your likes and dislikes. It’s difficult to verbalize when you’re not yet familiar with the homes available in your desired market. Allow your Realtor to educate, guide and set expectations so you’re not disappointed at the onset. 

4.  Open Houses — After you know what you can afford and you’ve learned more about the various neighborhoods and their amenities from your Realtor attending weekend open houses and mid-week open houses otherwise known as Broker Tour or Broker Caravan. In the past the agent tour days were for agents only but now buyers are welcome to attend. A buyer can attend with their Realtor or alone. Many real estate markets move so quickly and homes sell with multiple offers over the asking price. It’s a good idea to see a home as quickly as you can so as not to miss an opportunity. Each market is different so you’ll want to speak with a local Realtor so as not to miss out. 

5. Best foot forward. Again, each area’s standards vary so we will highlight the East Bay —Piedmont, Oakland, Berkeley and surrounding communities. You may have heard about Seller Love Letters. In the past each offer presented by a buyer’s agent to a seller and his/her agent was accompanied by a note about themselves and their family — might that be children or their pet(s). It would detail what they did for work, where they were moving from and even shared their favorite hobbies or if newlyweds —where they met and married. It outlined why they love the home and how they would continue to take good care of it. These love letters are not required and are not a guarantee of winning the home, but we have stories where our clients prevailed due in part to their love letter. Of course, in any offer you’ll want to put your best foot forward and that includes a clean offer. When we write a clean offer that usually equates to a 21-30 day close of escrow, while waiving any and all contingencies —loan, appraisal and the home inspection. Again, in our market the seller will (99% of the time) provide a complete home, termite and sewer lateral inspection report and oftentimes a roof and chimney report and if warranted, foundation and/or drainage reports. 

Preparation and knowledge is key in order to win a home in multiple offers, this is why it’s crucial to work with a local Realtor who is experienced, knowledgeable, connected and well-liked. Not only do you, the buyer, need to be poised and ready by doing all of the above aforementioned, but your agent should be connected with the agents in the community and have cultivated strong relationships so they are responsive should you or your agent have any questions. Time is always of the essence.

How Can We Help You?