Home Selling March 7, 2024

Step By Step Home Selling Process

Real estate encompasses a wide range of elements, and one aspect that I find particularly fascinating is the transformation of a seller’s home from a “lived in” space to a beautifully staged property ready for sale. As a professional Realtor, this is one of the services that we offer as part of our home selling services.

The first step is planning, which involves conducting a thorough walk-through of the property. During this process, I meticulously assess various aspects such as curb appeal, gardens, walkways, light fixtures, paint, floors, carpet, appliances, hardware, rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. Additionally, I inquire about hidden elements like the roof, the sewer lateral, furnace, chimney, fireplace, electrical, plumbing and the foundation.

Taking all these details into account, I commit them to memory and visualize a plan. Once the plan is in place, obtaining bids from our reliable service providers is essential. I have a team of exceptional professionals who are always ready to meet with me at short notice, enabling us to gather estimates over a one or two-day period as well as scheduling of the home inspection, pest, roof, sewer and sidewalk inspections; depending on the city, different point of sale ordinances will apply.

man painting

Following the planning stage, the next step is preparation and execution. Once the bids are received, I sit down with the sellers to review the options, considering factors such as the scope of work, financial feasibility, and essential tasks. Together, we prioritize the necessary actions. On average, preparing a home for the market can take anywhere from 10 days to three weeks, allowing ample time for me to create advertising materials and establish an online presence before your property is listed.

The transformation phase requires a commitment from the homeowner and meticulous attention to detail, as there are multiple moving parts that need to be coordinated. This typically involves purging, packing and the sellers relocation from the home in order to commence painting, updates and/or repairs, cleaning and staging. Collaborating with our talented stagers and designers can greatly enhance this process. In some cases, I have even gone the extra mile by making numerous trips to various supply stores to find the perfect appliances, fixtures, or hardware for my clients as well as dropping off donations. By partnering with myself and our exceptional service providers, we are able to achieve a seamless transition from a “lived in” home to a beautifully staged property, creating an exciting transformation every single time.

before and after photo of a dining room

However, it’s worth noting that there is a certain risk involved in this process. Some clients become so attached to their homes that they find it difficult to let go and want to stay.

We look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs.