Debbi attributes much of their success today to their willingness to adapt to new tech trends and embrace social media’s influence in the industry. Accordingly, she lists a home with the same holistic understanding of digital and traditional marketing alike. “You have to do it all,” she says, “and you can’t just be good at or focus on one thing. To do the job right, I leave no stone unturned.” With a savvy designer’s eye, Debbi transforms properties prior to marketing and enlists the most immersive, memorable professional photography to ensure that each property shines. Likewise, she takes to the leading digital listing and luxury platforms to ensure maximum exposure for properties, while also tapping local publications to increase visibility. Considering her proven track record within some of the country’s most competitive markets, clients, both Buyers and Sellers, rely on Debbi for her combination of industry expertise, winning personality, and overarching vision. And to quote Adam, her partner since 1991, "Luxury is a service not a price point."

Adam Betta


Adam Betta | 00979841

Broker since 1989, author, father and sports lover. No matter where he his Adam makes himself available to anyone in need whether on a ski lift or on the golf course, late at night or early in the morning. Adam's attention to detail, finesse, skill and knowledge when addressing each question posed by both clients and his agents helps ease minds that makes for a smooth transition and transaction.

"Whether Adam is guiding his clients, his agents or his children, Adam gives 110% to making sure they succeed." -Debbi DiMaggio

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Debbi DiMaggio | 01047447

Mother, volunteer, author, Realtor, mentor and life coach. Passionate about helping others find their passion, live their dreams and to achieve their goals. Debbi's mantras: details do make the difference, you do not know until you try and never give up - there is always a way.

"Debbi's passion for helping others is what stands out most when you meet Debbi. If you have a question, rest assured Debbi will get back to you with more than you requested. An avid connector, she is your best resource to fill any need you may have whether you knew you needed it or not."

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Chase Betta


Chase DiMaggio Betta | 02130391

Chase Betta is the next generation of a family of real estate professionals dating back to the early 70's when his grandfather Vince DiMaggio syndicated his first building in the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland. Chase has worked for Vince for as long as he can remember, and grew up learning valuable business acumen from his parents Adam and Debbi. A Piedmont native and longtime Bay Area resident, Chase has a special understanding of the markets in and around the flagship brokerage in Piedmont. Chase’s additional experience working for a commercial brokerage in Los Angeles adds to his already strong base of real estate fundamentals.

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Ashley Provost

Ashley was raised in Walnut Creek, CA.  After attending UC Berkeley, she lived in Europe for 2 years, traveling and gathering inspiration from cities that still inspire her most today.  She returned to the East Bay Area, where she found a renewed appreciation for the classic California interior design style and began working at Pottery Barn for 2 years before working under a prominent local stager/designer. Ashley Provost Design was launched in 2010, her fifth year in the staging industry, with only a laptop, small storage space, and a vision of a staging company that would embrace friendly, easy service while maximizing the sale of clients' most important investment of their lives, their homes.



Lindsay Snyder and Michele Hofherr

Sourced is a roll-up-your-sleeves, down and dirty approach to reinventing your home.

We believe great design doesn’t have to be fussy. It can be fun and practical and doesn’t have to break the bank. We love working with what you have and finding the perfect pieces to pull your home together. Whether that means styling a single room by sourcing art, pillows and accessories, or designing an entire house by finding new fixtures, paint colors and anchor pieces -- we are game for all of it!

We love mixing new and old, and high and low, and are even happy to just come and rearrange your furniture. We only charge for our time spent and will never mark up products.

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erda-estremera-sxNt9g77PE0-unsplash (1)


Loyal and Dedicated Service Providers

KAS Headshot 4

On the Move, Call Moving Angels

The first step is the most difficult when it comes to moving up, down or out. So we highly recommend you contact a professional organizer. A few years ago our friend started such a business. Our Sellers in Piedmont were her first clients. She took a 4800 square foot home and coordinated the entire move from organizing to packing, purging and donating to shipping and storage coordination and finally hauling and cleaning, until the home is 100% empty. Kimberly works tirelessly with her clients, our client referrals. Somehow she is able to help reduce the stress of a move tremendously. She provides a schedule and timeline and keeps her client on target. I am not sure how she does it. During the process of this first job our client started referring to Kimberly as her “moving angel,” thus the name, Moving-Angels. If you live locally in the Bay Area, reach out to myself, or Kimberly to hire her, or to obtain a referral. Kimberly is also part of a professional organization called NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Moving Angels is an approved NAPO company. We refer Kimberly to each of our Seller clients; I am not sure how we lived without her and this amazing service!!

Just a few others we rely on to assist our clients: Inspectors, Roofers, Painters, Electricians, Photographers, Videographers, Website Providers, Landscapers, Gardeners, and so many more.

Marketing and Staff

Michele Jones, Kimberly Doerrie Rapp, Alexis De Borghia, Gina Moore, Mark Roberts, Corcoran Icon Marketing, Corcoran Icon Tech, MoxiWorks and so many more.