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Unlocking Success: The Power of Persistence, Dedication, and Mindset with Debbi DiMaggio – How She Transforms Goals into Reality for Herself and Her Clients!

I finished the LA Marathon at 59 3/4, my first Marathon.

Prior to the race I didn’t share with many that I had signed up to run the LA Marathon as I wasn’t sure I would complete it. That line of thinking is in direct odds with the way I typically operate when working towards a goal. My mantra is —— Visualize. Internalize. Verbalize. Realize. — but I was a bit reluctant as I wasn’t sure I would cross the line. But I did it! I crossed the finish line. At mile 14 I was still perky, at about Mile 18 it got tough. Using porto potties and eating that GU was disgusting, but I was afraid if I didn’t ingest it along with other fuel we were given throughout the race that my muscles might tense up, or worse, I’d get a throbbing headache. —From Rodeo Drive to Brentwood past the 405, Century City and back again to the finish line. I made it!! I kept telling myself along the way — you’re not an “almost” —you finish what you begin. As I crossed the line I was so in my own head and in the zone I literally burst out in tears. It never occurred to me until that moment when I was running down that last 3/4 mile with so many onlookers on both sides cheering us all on —-what an amazing experience.

Debbi DiMaggio Runs Her First Marathon in LA

Earlier that morning I was chatting with a young man as we were shuttling from the beautiful Union Station to Dodger Stadium with 26,000 other runners — he asked what my goal was today. — “to complete the marathon,” I replied. He laid out what would transpire over the next part of the day. Streams of bystanders will be cheering us on and along with the other runners will keep you going. He was right, it did help. The bystanders were really awesome with their signs to keep going even providing orange slices, red licorice + more, but it is a solo event, in the end, so that’s when you need to motivate yourself. I was running to completion for my grandma Stella, who passed way to early of Cancer and, others with Cancer and who suffer from MS (like friends in my own circle) who persist and push through, not by choice; but it’s simply their day to day existence. But, foremost, I relied on my determination, persistence and iron mindset. You are not an “almost” you are a finisher.

I feel the same way when I work on behalf of each client we serve. We always provide the best service, the best experience and the best results as we cross the finish line, together.

“In achieving goals, it is important to have a strong belief in oneself, the ability to set goals, accompanied by a determined mindset and the power of visualization.” -Debbi DiMaggio

(I drafted this quote a few days before the LA Marathon to psyche myself up.)

March 17, 2024 • Completed the LA Marathon with little training. Sporadic workouts included: Soul Cycle, Peloton, 2 Mile Runs, 3-10k Races, 1 Spartan 5k + 20 Obstacles. Started running New Year’s Eve morning.


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