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Just as a foundation is crucial to a home, the same goes for a solid foundation for your business. Is YOUR marketing house in order?

If not, let's work together to build a solid foundation for your business, achieve that personal goal or launch that passion project. If you have a GOAL let me help you achieve that goal. Let's partner up for your success!

Book a free consultation today... Take the next step

Book a free consultation today... Take the next step

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Foundation for Success, The DiMaggio Difference

Educate | Communicate | Inspire | Connect | Collaborate 

The following 5 MARKETING platforms are important tools to grow and maintain a successful business. 


Social Media, Get Out In Front Of Your Audience


Email + E-Blasts


Newsletters, Notecards + Postcards


Websites, Blogging + Editorial Contributions


Podcasts, Partnerships + Events


The following top 5 COACHING & CONSULTING programs offered to help each client conquer their goals. 

1. Foundation 4 Success: No matter your business, project, passion or goal you'd like to launch, expand or achieve, my marketing services will help you to thrive.

Entrepreneurs face various challenges in starting and growing their business, but these hurdles aren't insurmountable by any means. With the right skills, mentors and resources, we see businesses grow and thrive. The Key to Success is based on a strong foundation, so it's paramount to keep in contact with current clients in order to grow your business, gain repeat business and referrals.

Who can benefit from our course?

Whether you are a Realtor, Med-Spa Owner, Landscape Architect, Restaurant Owner, Dentist, Acupuncturist, Therapist, Electrician, Photographer, Event Planner, Dog Walker, Graphic Artist, Resume Writer, Life Coach, Author or Insurance Provider, my course is for you. We will identify, train and provide examples of marketing platforms + tools all independent contractors and small business owners need in order to succeed.

Other areas I’m passionate about — let’s work together on yours.

2. Real Estate Coach: Help new and experienced Realtors get organized, plant seeds and bring in more business. 

3. Author Coach: Everyone has a BOOK in them. Self-Publish, Launch & Promote utilizing my contacts, extensive resources and experience. (4X published author.)

4. Brand or Product: If you have a product idea you want to bring to market, get in touch.

5. Life Coach: Personal goals from health and fitness, to business and lifestyle, both big and small and everything in between. Debbi encourages everyone to Follow their Passion and Live their Purpose.

Meet Your Coach

Debbi DiMaggio | Realtor (since 1989) business owner, marketing director and coach/consultant (since 2009), 4x author, social media guru, master networker, consummate connector, serial entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist — with one goal in mind, a desire to help others achieve their goals.

Fun Facts | Joe DiMaggio is a relative. Related to Marilyn Monroe by marriage. Favorite Color, Pink. Cancer Survivor. UC Berkeley Grad, although we spent 8 years cheering on the CU Buffs with Bianca and Chase that I often feel more like a CU Boulder Grad than a UCB Bear. Almost --100% Sicilian. Mother of 2 kitties, Rigatoni and Tortellini aka Riggs and Lini who after 2 years still wake me up throughout the night!

Books | Contained Beauty, Photographs, Reflections and Swimming Pools. The Art of Real Estate. Real Estate Rules, 52 Ways to Find Success in Real Estate. Click Here

Foundation for Success |  Let's Get Your Marketing House In Order so you can experience The Di Maggio Difference


Debbi DiMaggio is a master networker and marketer who has transformed others as a role model. She genuinely wants to help other real estate agents succeed, and has received great praise.

Radio interviews, book signings, agent trainings, speaking engagements, panel discussions, live interviews... Debbi is always the last to leave, never in a rush, being sure to take time to answer any questions and to thank literally everyone in attendance. Her passion to help people is just beyond belief.

Angela Psuik


Debbi has helped me learn how to network effectively, not only in a small but dynamic city such as Piedmont, but to go out into the world and be confident about my passion for my work and serving people. She creates forums for people in her community and beyond to develop meaningful and sustainable relationships that not only assist the promotion of their businesses but create personal connections and nurture the concept of community, as well.

Amy Griffith
Small Business Owner


Working with Debbi has been nothing short of magical! She has a generosity of spirit and a precision that moves mountains. In my case I needed to move mountains inside as well as outside of myself. It has been said that in order to find the solution to a problem, one has to be able to move outside of “it”.  Debbi masters the art of seeing what the situation asks for and creating a very practical road map to get there.
When I came to Debbi for advice I was totally stuck “inside of it all" and could not see where to go from there. Debbi listened carefully, came up with an idea and the following week, my mindset had changed and I was flying towards new opportunities! I’m very grateful for Debbi’s insights and dedication to help me succeed in my new life. I highly recommend her as a very creative business coach.

Interior Designer