Home Buying March 16, 2023

When Asked About Real Estate Myths

Truth or Myth: I chose one common real estate myth, and here was my response.

MYTH: Home Buyers DO NOT need a Realtor

TRUTH: They do.

This is a myth for both home buyers and home sellers alike.

Let’s just review why a Buyer DOES in fact, NEED a Realtor when purchasing a home. Or, should certainly consider hiring a qualified Realtor.

Here are Top 5 Reasons To Partner with A Realtor for Success:

1. The Seller pays the commission so it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity to work with an expert.

2. Would you choose not to hire an attorney if you were being sued?

3. A Realtor will guide you every step of the way; they will counsel, offer advice, break down the process and dissuade you from potentially making a big wrong decision or many small mistakes.

4. An agent will connect you with a variety of professionals from service providers to reputable lenders and efficient escrow officers, to inspectors, insurance reps and more.

5. Your agent will provide insight and expertise and know what sorts of questions to ask the listing agent, service providers, lender, insurance agent, etc.

Avoid buying a home with latent issues, getting yourself into trouble and/or making a huge financial mistake. Working with a knowledgeable agent has big upside and not working with one may potentially cause you heartache, headaches and great financial loss.

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