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Home Buying Escape the City Chaos: Discover Our Small Town Community of Piedmont Calling all San Francisco residents looking for a change of pace! If you’re seeking a tight-knit community with top-notch amenities, Piedmont is the place to be. Let us introduce you to the small town charm and exceptional quality of life that awaits you in our beautiful neighborhood. 1. Welcoming Community Piedmont is renowned for its […]
Home Buying When To Hire A California Qualified Real Estate Attorney in Real Estate Why Buyers and Sellers should hire a qualified, licensed and local Realtor when selling or purchasing a home in California. As a Realtor since 1989 I highly recommend that both homebuyers and home sellers partner with a qualified, licensed, professional Realtor when buying or selling a home The following highlight 5 reasons why it’s wise […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group East Coast West Coast, Left Coast Right Coast East Coast West Coast, Left Coast Right Coast Not all real estate markets or the way we transact business the same. Oftentimes we meet up with Buyers who have not transacted in California and have questions and concerns about the absence of a real estate attorney.   On the West Coast, Real Estate Attorneys bring value […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Gearing Up To Buy A Home: Key Factors That Go Into Writing An Offer The following outlines the necessary elements of an offer to buy a house, helping you navigate this process with confidence and increase your chances of a successful purchase. Don’t get overwhelmed, just ask a lot of questions — now matter how small the question we can help. Adam, Chase and I work as a team […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Common Questions Asked By Home Buyers Potential home buyers often have numerous questions as they navigate the process of purchasing a property. Here are some common questions asked by potential home buyers: Affordability: Buyers often want to know how much they can afford and what their mortgage options are. They may ask about loan pre-approval, down payment requirements, and estimated monthly […]
Home Buying When Asked About Real Estate Myths I chose one common real estate myth, and here was my response. MYTH: Home Buyers DO NOT need a Realtor TRUTH: They do. This is a myth for both home buyers and home sellers alike. Let’s just review why a Buyer DOES in fact, NEED a Realtor when purchasing a home. Or, should certainly consider […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Top 5 Steps to A Successful Home Buying Experience Knowledge is power. Experience is key. Relationships drive success.  Follow these 5 steps to lessen the length of time it takes to prevail in the home buying arena.  Identify the right Realtor. Ask a family member, trusted friend or colleague for a referral, speak to other professionals and do your due diligence. And  not everything […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Investing In Your Future Top Tips For Buying A Profitable Investment Property Buying an investment property is a great way to launch a small business venture. Many people start off with one or two small houses or multi-family units, like apartments, townhouses, or condos, and grow their operations as their rentals become more profitable. Getting started requires a general […]
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