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Where Do You Meet for Coffee?

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Here a few favorites and some new ones in the queue.

Cafenated Coffee Co • Corner of College Ave and Ashby • the Elmwood

Terrace Gifts & Coffee • Next to Village Market and the Terrance Nursery on Broadway Terrace @ Clarewood • Upper Rockridge


And a few more places to meet, sip and socialize below, after this quick read:

Oakland and Berkeley, located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, have vibrant and diverse coffee cultures that reflect the unique character of these communities. Keep in mind that details might have evolved since then, but here’s an overview of the coffee culture in Oakland and Berkeley:

Oakland Coffee Culture: Oakland’s coffee culture is known for its creativity, diversity, and community-oriented atmosphere. The city has a rich history of social activism and cultural diversity, and these influences are often reflected in its coffee scene. Some key aspects of Oakland’s coffee culture include:

  1. Local Roasters: Oakland is home to several renowned local coffee roasters, each with its own distinct character and approach to sourcing and roasting beans. These roasters often prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.
  2. Community Focus: Many coffee shops in Oakland emphasize community engagement and social responsibility. Some shops actively support local artists, host events, and contribute to charitable causes.
  3. Artistic Expression: The city’s creative spirit is evident in its coffee shops, where you may find a blend of art, music, and culture. Some coffee shops serve as galleries for local artists to showcase their work.
  4. Diversity: Oakland’s diverse population is reflected in its coffee offerings, with shops often featuring a variety of international coffee styles, flavors, and brewing methods.

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Berkeley Coffee Culture: Berkeley, located just north of Oakland, is famous for its academic institutions, progressive values, and historical significance in the counterculture movement. Its coffee culture is influenced by these factors and offers its own unique characteristics:

  1. Academic Atmosphere: With the presence of the University of California, Berkeley, the city’s coffee shops often have an intellectual and scholarly ambiance. You might find students and scholars engaged in discussions or studying.
  2. Alternative and Sustainable: Berkeley has a history of environmental consciousness and social activism. Many coffee shops prioritize organic and sustainable products, and some even offer fair-trade and locally sourced options.
  3. Innovation: Like the city itself, Berkeley’s coffee culture can be innovative and experimental. You may encounter shops that offer unique brewing methods, coffee blends, or specialty drinks.
  4. Cultural Diversity: Berkeley’s diverse population contributes to a rich variety of coffee options, from traditional to international styles. You might find cafes offering a range of flavors and preparations.

Both Oakland and Berkeley have a “third place” culture, emphasizing the role of coffee shops as spaces for social interaction, relaxation, and creative expression. These communities often value inclusivity, sustainability, and a sense of belonging, which contribute to the distinctive coffee cultures you can experience in these two cities.

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Actual Cafe • 6334 San Pablo Avenue • Golden Gate

Awaken Cafe • 1429 Broadway • Downtown

Blue Bottle Coffee • 300 Webster Street • Jack London

Bicycle Coffee Company • 364 2nd Street • Jack London

Cole Coffee • 307 63rd Street • Fairview Park

Coloso Coffee • 1715 Webster Street • Downtown

City Lights Cafe • 2121 Harrison Street • Lake Merritt

Equator Coffee & Tea • 175 Bay Place • Adams Point

Farley’s East • 33 Grand Avenue • Uptown

Fig & Poe • 396 11th Street • Downtown

Highwire Coffee Roasters • 5655 College Avenue • Rockridge

Modern Coffee • 411 13th Street / 381 19th Street • Civic Center / Uptown

Philz Coffee • 6310 College Avenue • Fairview Park

Red Bay Coffee • 2327 Broadway • Uptown

Subrosa Coffee • 4008 Martin Luther King Jr. Way • Longfellow

Tertulia • 1951 Telegraph • Uptown

The Cro Cafe • 470 49th Street • Temescal

Timeless Coffee • 4252 Piedmont Avenue • North Oakland

Trouble • 1545 Willow Street • West Oakland

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1951 Coffee Shop • 2410 Channing Way • Downtown

Alchemy Collective Cafe • 1741 Alcatraz Avenue • Bushrod

Allegro Coffee Roasters • 1025 Gilman Street • Westbrae

Algorithm Coffee • 1122 University Avenue • West Berkeley

Artis Coffee Roasters • 1717 4th Street • Northwest Berkeley Babette • 2155 Center Street • Downtown

Bartavelle • 1603 San Pablo Avenue • West Berkeley

Blue Bottle Coffee • 2118 Shattuck Avenue • Downtown

Catahoula Coffee • 2080 4th Street • West Berkeley

Cafe Strada • 2300 College Avenue • South Side

Cafe Trieste • 2500 San Pablo Avenue • West Berkeley

CoRo Coffee Room • 2324 Fifth Street • West Berkeley

Fellini Coffee Bar • 1401 University Avenue • West Berkeley

Gold Leaf Cafe • 1947 Martin Luther King Jr. Way • Downtown

Guerilla Cafe • 1620 Shattuck Avenue • North Berkeley

Philz Coffee • 1313 9th Street Ste 110 • Westbrae

Rasa Coffee • 3140 Martin Luther King Jr. Way • South Berkeley

Raxakoul Coffee & Cheese • 1578 Hopkins Street • Berkeley Hills

Romeo’s Coffee • 2499 Telegraph Avenue • South Side

Souvenir Coffee • 3084 Claremont Avenue • Claremont

Victory Point Cafe • 1797 Shattuck Avenue • Gourmet Ghetto

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