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Live Local East Bay Exploring Culinary Wonders: A Mid-Week Dining Journey In the midst of our busy lives, there’s something incredibly comforting about breaking the monotony and indulging in the simple pleasure of dining out mid-week. Whether it’s a moment to catch up with friends, unwind after a long day at work, or simply treat ourselves to some culinary delights, these mid-week dining experiences hold a […]
Live Local East Bay best of the east bay: sip, dine, do A Few Places Frequented By The DiMaggio Betta Group I am often asked for referrals. A referral or recommendation including anything from doctors and dentists to restaurants and things to do, and cafes and places to sip and socialize in and around the Bay and beyond. Here are a few that came up that I […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Eternally Grateful     From our family to yours we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. In this issue we share a few professional recommendations and restaurants we love. If you have a need or resource or referral just ask, The DiMaggio Betta Group is happy to connect you with one of our preferred providers, recommend a restaurant, […]
Live Local East Bay Where Oakland Sips and Socializes Welcome to Oakland, where every sip tells a story and every social encounter is a vibrant chapter in the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland’s diverse neighborhoods boast an array of unique cafes, bars, and lounges, each offering its own blend of flavors, ambiance, and community […]
Live Local East Bay Sunday Brunch In The East Bay, Oakland + Berkeley, CA Where do you Weekend Brunch? Here are 5 local spots that have been around for years. — Share your favorites.   1. Grand Lake Kitchen 2. Montclair Egg Shop 3. Rick + Ann’s Domingo, Berkeley 4. Shakewell on Lakeshore 5. Bette’s Oceanview Diner, 4th St, Berkeley- and there is no ocean view.
Live Local East Bay coffee and conversation Where Do You Meet for Coffee? Here a few favorites and some new ones in the queue. Cafenated Coffee Co • Corner of College Ave and Ashby • the Elmwood Terrace Gifts & Coffee • Next to Village Market and the Terrance Nursery on Broadway Terrace @ Clarewood • Upper Rockridge And a few more […]
Live Local East Bay East Bay Bites Before 3PM Bites b43 – Follow my entire Live Local Series on Instagram @DiMaggioAndBetta Where you might find me if I decide to take a lunch break or meet up with a client, colleague or friend. And what I eat. .+ Terrace Cafe ( BLT!) + Crepevine (Nutella & Strawberries ) + Summer Kitchen (Chinese Chicken Salad) […]
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