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Colleagues Not Competitors

Adam and I have always been of the mindset that our colleagues near and far are actually not competitors at all. Much of our success is due in part to the way we see other agents. As the marketing director at Highland Partners for 12 years I continue to help our agents to excel through one on one and group trainings guiding them with marketing, branding and growing their business. While Adam answers questions pertaining to their transactions in more of a legal capacity but also helps with business planning and goal setting. Sharing of our expertise does not stop within our own firm, Adam receives calls from agents outside of our own company and will take the time to address their questions.  This post is not meant to be a recruiting pitch although it may seem so, my statements are the truth.

After publishing our first real estate book, The Art of Real Estate both Adam and I appeared on panels to offer our expertise and answer questions. In 2018 I was honored to be the guest speaker at President-Elect Souzi Melkonian’s inauguration luncheon to the Women’s Council of REALTORS in Los Angeles.

I have been a guest panelist at INMAN conferences a few times and very much look forward to doing it again. At first I was intimidated by the large number of attendees in the audience but once I got started answering questions about my business the nervousness disappeared. Adam and I have enjoyed sharing our passion for what we do on podcasts as well.

A fellow agent once said, “Debbi and Adam create forums and never hesitate to give back by sharing their knowledge and expertise.”

Adam and I have created groups like the Piedmont Business Network, and are part of many organizations with other top Realtors around the globe like GiveBack Homes, Haute Residence and Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. Networking with agents around the world is not only interesting but fruitful.

One of the highest compliments for a Realtor is when you receive a call from an agent you don’t even know who was referred to you by another agent and they are entrusting you with their client. Many of the agents I’ve meant at various conferences and speaking on various panels have either referred us a client or referred us to one of their own colleagues who in turn referred us a client.

Over the past few months I have written articles for SF Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle, click here to read should you have interest. Teaching and guiding others has always been a big part of what excites me. During COVID lockdown I kept myself busy with a few other activities beyond real estate. For one, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and baked something everyday for 19 days in honor of COVID19. Since I don’t bake or cook this was a big feat for me. Some things turned out, others did not, but it was fun and kept me busy. I also wrote and published Beauty At Any Age, a short book to let others know small steps they can take or do to feel healthy and beautiful inside and out. And to expand on my desire to train, educate and coach I launched Contained Beauty Purpose and Passion Coaching. The name Contained Beauty comes from my first book, Contained Beauty, Photographs, Reflections and Swimming Pools. I writing of this book was something I did when our daughter Bianca left for college and the empty nest hit me hard. Our son Chase was still home however, what I learned and felt was that the empty nest does not happen when the last child leaves the nest but when the first child leaves and you realize at that time the years are closing in and soon they too will have flown the coup. It took me quite some time to snap out of it. The empty nest is a real thing. Should you be experiencing empty nest syndrome reach out and I would be happy to speak with you or coach with you. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not true. It may not be for them but it is real if you are feeling sad and depressed. What I can say is that it will pass and I am happy to share what I did to move past.

As is the case I feel like I am rambling on. Reach out if you would like to coach with me one on one. You do not need to be in our firm or even a Realtor.

Please check out my Contained Beauty Podcast with KC Armstrong on the Business News Network.

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