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DiMaggio Betta Group DiMaggio Betta Group: Generations + Legacy; A Life Well Lived It’s pretty cool to work with your childhood friends. There’s a warmth, kindness and mutual respect that comes with working together. It’s a wonderful feeling and exciting to witness the next generation. You know you’ve hit a higher milestone when you are old enough to reference, “the next generation”. Oh dear! And that phrase, too. Now I’m really dating myself! Get in touch, The DiMaggio Betta Group looks forward to connecting.
DiMaggio Betta Group DiMaggio Betta Presents The DiMaggio Betta Group, Presents Open House, By Appointment, Coming Soon. To learn more about our lovely listings, or others in the area, please reach out. Debbi, Adam and the Team looks forward to assisting you with your next chapter. Open Saturday + Sunday, 2-4:30PM | 1054 Leo Way, Oakland | Offered at $1,195,000 5123 […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Introducing Debbi DiMaggio: Co-Founder of The DiMaggio Betta Group Debbi exemplifies a dynamic and multifaceted individual, constantly embracing new challenges and opportunities. Her journey is marked by continual self-improvement and a willingness to reinvent herself through various endeavors. After her children left home, Debbi published her first book, “Contained Beauty, Photographs, Reflections and Swimming Pools,” which set the stage for her subsequent literary projects. […]
DiMaggio Betta Group The DiMaggio Betta Group is Thrilled To Introduce Our International Counterpart in Italia! Meet The Team: From the desk of Rino Moscariello, Board Member, 24RE Italia 24RE is a luxury real estate firm established in 2008, headquartered in Italy with a robust international footprint. We specialize in high-end properties and have expanded our operations across major global cities, including New York, Berlin, Paris, and London. Today in Italy […]
Design Spring Market Insights: Your Essential Update and Top Resources From The DiMaggio Betta Group Here We Go… Jumping right Into Spring 2024! As we leave Winter behind and leap into Spring, the market seems to be moving along. Inventory is creeping up, we are seeing multiple offers on many homes, while others are still taking a bit longer to sell. It always comes down to 2 things –how well […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Five Stars for The DiMaggio Betta Real Estate Group   Debbi, Adam, Chase, and their team were an absolute dream to work with. My wife and I were first time home buyers and knew very little about the process. They walked us through everything we needed to know (what to look for in disclosures, what questions we should be asking, what things we should […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Is Your Trust In Order? A Trustee’s Job, No Easy Task Is being appointed a Trustee, a gift or a burden? Over the past week I’ve spoken to three clients who are the trustee’s of their family estates. Whether it’s a wealthy estate, a small estate, or one with a few thousand dollars in cash and a single home, the […]
DiMaggio Betta Group DiMaggio Betta Group: Our Mission Statement At DiMaggio Betta Group, our mission is to provide exceptional service and guidance to our clients throughout their real estate journey. We are committed to helping individuals and families find their dream homes, make sound investments, and navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Our mission is driven by our core values of integrity, […]
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DiMaggio Betta Group new year, new goals: considering a move? Start the New Year Right with the DiMaggio Betta Group: Your Trusted Partner in Selling Your Home Dear Homeowners, As we bid farewell to the challenges of the past year and embrace the fresh opportunities that the New Year brings, we at the DiMaggio Betta Group would like to extend our warmest wishes to you […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Eternally Grateful     From our family to yours we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. In this issue we share a few professional recommendations and restaurants we love. If you have a need or resource or referral just ask, The DiMaggio Betta Group is happy to connect you with one of our preferred providers, recommend a restaurant, […]
DiMaggio Betta Group East Coast West Coast, Left Coast Right Coast East Coast West Coast, Left Coast Right Coast Not all real estate markets or the way we transact business the same. Oftentimes we meet up with Buyers who have not transacted in California and have questions and concerns about the absence of a real estate attorney.   On the West Coast, Real Estate Attorneys bring value […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Mastering the Art of Patience: Thriving In Today’s Real Estate Market as a Seller Not all homes fit all.  In this market Sellers must remain patient. Buyers are more picky than ever, they aren’t in a rush, rates are up, and they are more thoughtful of the home they choose to invest in. There’s more due diligence occurring before an offer is made. Remaining patient is key, just ask […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Gearing Up To Buy A Home: Key Factors That Go Into Writing An Offer The following outlines the necessary elements of an offer to buy a house, helping you navigate this process with confidence and increase your chances of a successful purchase. Don’t get overwhelmed, just ask a lot of questions — now matter how small the question we can help. Adam, Chase and I work as a team […]
DiMaggio Betta Group RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand and America’s Best Lists Name The DiMaggio Betta Group DiMaggio Betta Group | Realtors for the Generations 35+ Years of Experience Top 1.5% of Real Estate Professionals in the U.S. 2023 RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals Corcoran Icon Properties congratulates DiMaggio Betta Group named among the top 1.5% of real estate professionals in the U.S. 2023 RealTrends + Tom Ferry […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Common Questions Asked By Home Buyers Potential home buyers often have numerous questions as they navigate the process of purchasing a property. Here are some common questions asked by potential home buyers: Affordability: Buyers often want to know how much they can afford and what their mortgage options are. They may ask about loan pre-approval, down payment requirements, and estimated monthly […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Common Questions Asked by Home Sellers Real estate clients who are interested in selling their property typically have various questions and concerns. Here are some common topics they may want to know about: Market Analysis: Clients often want to understand the current market conditions in their area, including recent sales prices, average days on market, and trends affecting property values. Pricing […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Partnerships Are Key To Selling Luxury Homes Here are 5 top avenues the DiMaggio Betta Group utilizes partnerships for the success of the clients they serve. Leveraging the exposure of our listings through our partnership with Haute Residence gives us the platform not only to market our listings in a high level international platform but also gives us the ability to network […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Piedmont, Our Small Town Community Piedmont, CA | Family, Home, Events and Lifestyle | A Personal Perspective A personal perspective: Debbi grew up in Piedmont, attended Wildwood Elementary School, Piedmont Junior High (in 1979 it was renamed and regraded to Piedmont Middle School) and Piedmont High. Debbi graduated in 1982 from PHS and from UC Berkeley in 1987. For all […]
DiMaggio Betta Group Best of Oakland 2023 Honored to be nominated in Best of Oakland, in the category — Best Real Estate Agents. Please vote for Debbi DiMaggio, DiMaggio Betta Group. Click Here Thank you so much for your time.
DiMaggio Betta Group Live On 5! with Debbi DiMaggio and Randy Baruh LIVE on 5! Linkedin Live with Debbi DiMaggio and Randy Baruh Conversation Recap and Takeaways What is the mindset you have around your job or career? For me it has always been —  Real estate is NOT a job but a Lifestyle Change out the word Real Estate with your Job and complete the sentence. […]