DiMaggio & Betta Group January 7, 2022

We Represent People Not Price

Buying or Selling, no matter your price point, the DiMaggio and Betta Group represents people not price.  Here are a few of our favorites.

DiMaggio & Betta Group January 7, 2022

Honored, Grateful, Thankful

Honored to have closed $50M in 2021 while serving so many clients with their home sale, purchase, lease and referral, not including others we guided, showed homes and counseled throughout the year. And we could not do what we do for our clients without the help of our loyal service providers, stellar team members and family.

—The DiMaggio Betta Group wishes you nothing but the best in 2022!

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Year End 2021 Sales

Seller Representation | 2021


DiMaggio & Betta Group January 7, 2022

73 Questions with Debbi DiMaggio

DiMaggio & Betta GroupHome BuyingInvestment Property December 31, 2021

Investing In Your Future

Top Tips For Buying A Profitable Investment Property

Buying an investment property is a great way to launch a small business venture. Many people start off with one or two small houses or multi-family units, like apartments, townhouses, or condos, and grow their operations as their rentals become more profitable. Getting started requires a general knowledge of how real estate investment works, as well as insights into best practices around property management and small business operations. 

Seasoned Realtors with the DiMaggio Betta Group, can help you get started on the right path when it comes to purchasing your first property. In the meantime, check out the following tips. 

Getting Started

Before buying your first investment property, it’s important to consider the market in the location you’re considering. Rental properties in tourist and college towns are typically in high demand, whereas rural areas can be a little more difficult. Look at occupancy and average rental rates to get an idea of how easy it is to attract and retain tenants, and compare the average cost of other similar properties. According to Regions, you’ll also want to factor in things like local property taxes, and proximity of properties to amenities and transportation. Understanding crime rates and the quality of local schools is also important, especially if you’re looking at single family housing options.

What Can You Afford?

In addition to qualifying for an investment property loan, you’ll also need to show you have cash reserves and/or an established rental agreement in-hand. According to Money.com, a lender will require you to meet basic credit and income criteria, while also feeling secure that you’ll be able to pay the mortgage, regardless of whether you have tenants in place. You will want to ensure you have the funds to make repairs as necessary, to manage the property, or hire a management company, as well as advertise the property, screen tenants, and cover vacancy periods. 

Finding The Ideal Fit

To appeal to a wide range of potential renters, it’s wise to choose a property that’s in good condition, is in a median rental range for the geographic area, and has basic amenities that will appeal to a variety of people. For example, a single story house with three bedrooms, two baths, and a garage is fairly standard. Extras, like a fenced yard, garage, or attic space, ample storage, and appliances can help sweeten the deal for renters. Having amenities like a swimming pool may allow you to charge a little more for rent, but will also add to your overall upkeep and maintenance costs, so keep that in mind when looking at properties.

Considering An Estate Property

You may have the option to purchase an estate property as an investment. An estate sale occurs when a homeowner passes away, or relocates to a nursing home, retirement facility, or assisted or skilled nursing facility. Proceeds from the sale typically go to the heirs of the estate, but if no heirs are named, a probate court may appoint a trustee to oversee a probate sale. While buying a property through this process may take a bit more time than a standard sale, you may be able to get a good deal on the house, especially if the home is sold via auction.

Managing Your Property

Once you purchase an investment property, you can hire a property manager to screen tenants, collect rent, field maintenance calls, and make repairs, or do the work yourself. If you live in another region, it may be easier to hire a representative who is in close proximity to the property. In either case, creating an LLC California, or limited liability company, is a wise move. This can protect you from some forms of liability, give you flexibility, and make it easier to file taxes. You can do the legwork yourself, pay an attorney, or utilize an online formation company to do the work for you. LLC formation regulations vary from state to state, so learn about yours in advance. 

Buying an investment property can be a good strategy for creating a passive income stream. Many of your associated costs are tax deductible, and as long as property values remain steady or increase, you’re likely to see your investment go up in value over time. Consulting a real estate professional well-versed in investment property sales can help you make informed decisions.

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In The News November 16, 2021

Is the Bay Area Market Showing Any Signs of Slowing Down?

Q and A as seen in SF Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle’s weekly Sound Off with a Realtor.

Over the past few months Adam and I have been responding to their questions about the status of the real estate market as well as providing our opinions and insight regarding to the various aspects that make up our fast-paced, multi-faceted business.

Q: Is the Bay Area Market Showing Any Signs of Slowing Down?

A: I decided to get a pulse on the market by reaching out to a few agents in our Corcoran Global Living East Bay offices, formerly Highland Partners, to get their take. The quote I chose to include from Gene Della Maggiora is what I too am experiencing:

“It seems that the market is slowing down in terms of inventory but demand is still high. Buyers are getting picky again with the good houses going very high, while others sit or sell closer to the list price. Rates are inching up.”

Buyer fatigue, vaccinations, the ability to travel and work outside the home this quarter has also removed some buyers from our fast-paced market.

With that said, we have recommended that our sellers wait until the new year to go to market as we are nearing the holidays, and historically, buyers get busy winding down for the holidays. If a seller can wait, it’s probably best to capture fresh buyers.

The DiMaggio & Betta Group had an extremely busy year in 2020 and 2021 as did many sellers reaping the rewards of high sales prices due in part to travel restrictions and so many working from home.

As for 2022 I feel confident our East Bay micro market will get back to a flood of buyers, over-asking sales prices and more inventory just as seen in years prior.

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Neighborhoods November 8, 2021


The City of Piedmont is a charter city of approximately 11,000 residents located in the beautiful Oakland Hills, overlooking the San Francisco Bay.  The city, which is virtually built out, consists of established, high-quality single family homes on quiet tree-lined streets. Piedmont is centrally located within a few minutes from Oakland and San Francisco on the West and Concord and Walnut Creek on the East.  Within Piedmont’s 1.7 square-mile area there are five city parks and numerous landscaped areas which offer wooded paths, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds and picnic facilities.

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Family, Home, Events and Lifestyle

A personal perspective: Debbi grew up in Piedmont, attended Wildwood Elementary School, Piedmont Junior High now called Piedmont Middle School and Piedmont High. Debbi graduated in 1982 from PHS and from UC Berkeley in 1987. For all the same reasons she enjoyed and benefited from Piedmont are the same reasons she and husband and partner Adam Betta decided to move their family to town.

– The excellent school system tops the list. One must live in town to attend the top-rated Piedmont schools. The high school is similar to a private school with just under 800 students, grades 9-12.

– Piedmont is a tight community where everyone knows one another and watches out for one another. Many of the children have known one another since they were toddlers hanging out in the Piedmont Park. With that noted, the Piedmont kids are also very welcoming to new students and look forward to meeting the new kids on the block.

– Piedmont is a place where kids can grow up in a small town environment, yet are not isolated. Piedmont is ideally situated near the cultural diversity of Oakland and Berkeley and convenient to shops, cafes, boutiques and a variety of restaurants.

– Transportation and alternative routes – Piedmont is just a 20 minute drive of San Francisco and can be accessed via BART, bus, car or the informal car pool. The East Bay has easy access to both the San Francisco Airport and the Oakland Airport. The San Mateo Bridge, the Bay Bridge and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge provide alternative routes to your destination, unlike, for instance, in Marin County where public transportation and alternative routes are limited and the 101 freeway very congested. ( A beautiful place, however. )

– Easily accessible to world renown and Debbi’s personal favorites for day trips or weekend overnights: Lake Tahoe, Napa, Sonoma, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur and with the Oakland airport so close, Park City, Utah, Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, even Cabo San Luca plus many other cites are just a hop, skip and a jump away on Southwest or Alaska Air.

– Another personal favorite Debbi points out is the giving back and community service aspect. Piedmont families and students are very active in giving back to the schools, community and others less fortunate in the neighboring communities, hospitals and organizations. Students have a variety of opportunities to participate in philanthropy. One of the most popular high school volunteer program is the Mexico Trip. The Piedmont Community Church offers this program once a year and fills up immediately. The students spend one week building homes for families just outside of Tijuana giving up their Spring Break to help others. It’s an incredible and moving experience for these affluent kids to experience. Or young woman can join NCL, the National Charity League, a mother-daughter organization who support and volunteer their time to various organizations. Piedmont has an incredible number of boys involved in Boy Scouts, many who have become Eagle Scouts. These are just a few of the many opportunities offered to our Piedmont kids and young adults.

In Piedmont, kids and families are involved, no matter what it is, they are active, giving and compassionate citizens.

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Fun For Kids

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Family Fun

Piedmont Neighbors and Newcomers Club Click Here | great for kids and adults of all ages!

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For the Home | Considering a Remodel

  • Start with the Public Works Department at City Hall | The most effective way to get your remodel done quickly and with relative ease is to hire a local contractor and architect who knows what will pass in Piedmont and what will not. However, neighbors are one factor that cannot be guaranteed. Get to know your neighbors and discuss your plans ahead of time to assist with a more seamless process.

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