DiMaggio & Betta Group We Are All Created Equal Real (estate) Conversations 1.5.  We are all created equal.  Who do you see in this photo?  Hosting an Open House gives a Realtor the opportunity to make a home available to the public  —to buyers, agents, neighbors, passerby’s, interior design enthusiasts, etc. Hosting an Open House also gives an agent a way to meet potential […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Season Of Giving During the year our passionate agents give to various causes and organizations. Take a look at the very detailed list below. And with the holiday season upon us we are launching and supporting the following:     Proud to Support, Year after Year. Our agents and our staff proudly support these organization: ● Alameda County […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Fall Is In The Air Fall News + A Few Favorites With fall on the horizon, the holidays are not far behind which means more gatherings and a need for more helping hands. Last month we shared our favorite pet and house sitter to offer assistance to those traveling. This month we share a few recommendations to help out with […]
Home Selling The Top 5 Scents for Property Viewings The way a home smells has such a significant influence on a buyer’s first impression of it. That’s why your knowledgeable real estate agent will have a strong reason for wanting your house to smell as wonderful as it can before showings and open houses. Therefore, when presenting your property to potential buyers, it is […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group And that’s a wrap on summer Fall 2022 | Featured Homes + Our Favorite Resources, Newsletter and Blog ★ With Summer In the Rear View Mirror It’s Time to Welcome Fall We hope you had a wonderful summer and enjoyed some new experiences. As you gear up for Fall let us know how we might best assist you to accomplish your […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Don’t Follow the Pack, Lead the Pack Sound off with Debbi DiMaggio as seen in SF Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle. (April 17, 2022) Reprint   Although our market is a little different today, August 2022 –I still stand by what I share below regarding contingencies. Q: What are your thoughts on waiving contingencies? – Jordan Guinn, SF Chron In our […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Our Top 3 Tech Platforms What are your Top 3 favorite or most used technology platforms in your field? My top 3 most valuable real estate tools are as follows: Docusign, my iphone and Instagram. Docusign allows us to list homes and write offers from anywhere, it’s a game changer. My iPhone keeps me in constant communication with my team, […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group 5 reasons a seller should stage We get one chance to make a good first impression, and selling a home is no different Photographs look better and will draw in more Buyers and provide more marketing opportunities The home will sell faster Buyers can visualize themselves in the home easier Staging is an expense, thus a tax write-off for the Seller […]
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DiMaggio & Betta Group Top 100! Always An Honor to Be Recognized Top 100 People in Real Estate Just as fans nationwide reached out to Joe DiMaggio generations ago, celebrities across Hollywood and beyond enlist Debbi DiMaggio’s help in finding the perfect home. Among them, Stephan James, Julianne Moore, Sally Field, Hugh Grant, Linda Fiorentino, and Tom Arnold. Her famous third cousin played baseball simply for the […]
Neighborhoods 5 things to explore in San Francisco Top 5 Things to See, Do and Experience in San Francisco. Enjoy! 1. Ride the Cable Car to Nob Hill and Stop for Drinks at the Tonga Room at the beautiful and historic Fairmont Hotel. 2. Visit San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art –any day of the week, but if you’re in town check out – Art […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group College Ave, Rockridge to the Elmwood District A quick peek into Debbi’s Favorites and frequented businesses on College Ave. By all means these charming district’s offer many more worthwhile visits than those mentioned here.  So take a week to sip, dine, shop & shine. Health & Wellness  Rockridge Day Spa. Begin or end your day  with a relaxing facial. See menu for other […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Downsizing and Your Best Next Chapter In 2015, which seemed as if it were just the other day, we hosted a seminar at the Piedmont Center for the Arts for homeowners who have resided in their home for 20 years or longer, it was called, Demystifying the Downsizing Process. Flash forward to today, 2022. We listed and are selling the home […]
Home Buying Top 5 Steps to A Successful Home Buying Experience Knowledge is power. Experience is key. Relationships drive success.  Follow these 5 steps to lessen the length of time it takes to prevail in the home buying arena.  Identify the right Realtor. Ask a family member, trusted friend or colleague for a referral, speak to other professionals and do your due diligence. And  not everything […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group We Represent People Not Price Buying or Selling, no matter your price point, the DiMaggio and Betta Group represents people not price.  Here are a few of our favorites.
DiMaggio & Betta Group Honored, Grateful, Thankful Honored to have closed $50M in 2021 while serving so many clients with their home sale, purchase, lease and referral, not including others we guided, showed homes and counseled throughout the year. And we could not do what we do for our clients without the help of our loyal service providers, stellar team members and […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group 73 Questions with Debbi DiMaggio
Home Selling Home Selling Checklist One of the biggest investments in a persons lifetime is owning a home; this is why it is crucial to properly prepare your home for market when the time comes to sell. The following is a quick home sellers checklist our team assists each client with when they hire us to sell their home. Paint. […]
DiMaggio & Betta Group Investing In Your Future Top Tips For Buying A Profitable Investment Property Buying an investment property is a great way to launch a small business venture. Many people start off with one or two small houses or multi-family units, like apartments, townhouses, or condos, and grow their operations as their rentals become more profitable. Getting started requires a general […]
Blog Archive Season of Giving Join us this holiday season as we give back to two of our favorite charities during this special time of year. Toys for Tots and the Alameda County Food Bank. We thank you in advance for your generous support. Click image to donate. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season. Click Here To Receive […]
In The News Is the Bay Area Market Showing Any Signs of Slowing Down? Q and A as seen in SF Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle’s weekly Sound Off with a Realtor. Over the past few months Adam and I have been responding to their questions about the status of the real estate market as well as providing our opinions and insight regarding to the various aspects that […]