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Gearing Up To Buy A Home: Key Factors That Go Into Writing An Offer

The following outlines the necessary elements of an offer to buy a house, helping you navigate this process with confidence and increase your chances of a successful purchase. Don’t get overwhelmed, just ask a lot of questions — now matter how small the question we can help.

Adam, Chase and I work as a team to make this experience as seamless as possible. Please connect us with your lender, if you are not working with one of our current partners, so we can position you for success when the time comes to present your offer. We will also refer insurance agents so when we enter into escrow you can obtain loan insurance for your new home.


The Offer:

Man typing on a laptop


  • Purchase Price: The purchase price is the most critical element of your offer. It represents the amount you are willing to pay for the property. Determine a fair market value by considering comparable sales in the area. Depending on the number of offers being made comps will become irrelevant if you wish to beat out the competition. We will discuss appraisal and loan contingencies when contemplating the offer price


  • Earnest Money Deposit: An earnest money deposit demonstrates your commitment to the purchase. It is a sum of money, typically 3% of the purchase price, held in escrow. Should the offer be accepted, this deposit is applied towards the down payment and closing costs. To insure confidence in the seller and seller’s agent we like to have funds wired within 24 hours, as per the default clause in the contract you have 3 days to wire funds to escrow which is to the title company who is the neutral 3rd party and takes instructions from both the sellers and buyers agents.


  • Financing Contingency: Including a financing contingency protects you in case you are unable to secure a mortgage loan. This contingency specifies a timeframe within which you must obtain a loan approval. If financing falls through within the agreed-upon timeframe, you can withdraw from the transaction without losing your earnest money deposit. However, it is typical that a buyer in our competitive area, you may want to waive this contingency. This is one of the reasons we need to speak with your lender ahead of writing an offer. He/she will provide confidence in your ability to obtain financing and if he/she thinks you need this contingency or not. We can then share our confidence with the listing agent providing them a reason to take our offer over any others. 


  • Appraisal Contingency: Lender will lend up to 80% of the value of the home. If the home does not appraise a buyer will have to make up the difference in their down payment if there was not an appraisal contingency in the offer. We will discuss this each time we write an offer. If we are in agreement that the value is there a buyer will consider waiving this contingency. 90+% of our offers are non contingent.


  • Inspection Contingency: Disclosures and Reports are typically provided ahead of time so this contingency (in our market) is typically waived in order to be competitive. On the contrary, in the LA area, agents/sellers do not provide inspections and/or disclosures ahead of time so there can be a renegotiation of price and credits. I prefer our area standards to theirs.


  • Contingencies: Contingencies are conditions that must be met for the purchase to proceed. Common contingencies include a satisfactory home inspection, appraisal, and the sale of your current home if applicable. Clearly outline any contingencies you require, along with specific deadlines for completing them.


  • Inclusions and Exclusions: Specify any items that you expect to be included in the sale, such as appliances, fixtures, or furniture. Conversely, outline any items you explicitly want to exclude. Being clear about inclusions and exclusions helps avoid misunderstandings during the negotiation and closing process.


  • Home Inspection: Include a provision for a professional home inspection. This contingency allows you to hire a qualified inspector to assess the condition of the property. If significant issues are discovered, you can negotiate repairs, credits, or even withdraw from the offer, depending on the agreed-upon terms.


  • Disclosures and Reports: Disclosures and reports are typically provided by the seller and their agent ahead of time —including property history, inspections, repairs, and any known issues. Review these documents thoroughly. Be sure to request the disclosure link for ANY property you are, or may be interested in, together we will be able to follow offer dates and obtain new information as it is made available.


  • Closing Date and Timeline: Specify the desired closing date in your offer. This is the date when the ownership of the property will be transferred to you. Consider factors such as your financing timeline, the seller’s availability, and any other pertinent factors that may impact the closing date. A typical closing date is 21-30 days. 

Interested in school information, local restaurants, cafes or activities? Need a doctor or dentist recommendation? We have you covered. We are also happy to make introductions to others who may help with school decisions, plus a myriad of other needs you may have as you target your search and settle into your new community. We are very connected and have a resource for anything you may need.

DiMaggio Betta Group

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DiMaggio Betta Group

DiMaggio & Betta GroupHome Buying June 8, 2023

Common Questions Asked By Home Buyers

Potential home buyers often have numerous questions as they navigate the process of purchasing a property. Here are some common questions asked by potential home buyers:

  1. Affordability: Buyers often want to know how much they can afford and what their mortgage options are. They may ask about loan pre-approval, down payment requirements, and estimated monthly payments.
  2. Neighborhood and Location: Buyers frequently inquire about the quality of the neighborhood, nearby amenities (schools, parks, shopping centers), safety, proximity to workplaces, and transportation options.
  3. Property Features: Buyers want to understand the specific features and condition of the property. They may ask about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, age of the home, recent renovations or upgrades, and potential maintenance issues.
  4. Pricing and Negotiation: Buyers often ask about the listing price, recent comparable sales, and strategies for making competitive offers. They may seek advice on negotiation tactics and factors that can influence the final purchase price.
  5. Financing and Mortgage Options: Buyers may have questions about different types of mortgages, interest rates, and the mortgage application process. They may inquire about the best lenders or seek recommendations for mortgage brokers.
  6. Home Inspection: Buyers commonly want to know about the importance of a home inspection and what it entails. They may ask about potential issues that could be discovered during the inspection and how to handle them.
  7. Property History and Disclosures: Buyers often inquire about the history of the property, including past ownership, renovations, or any known issues. They may also want to understand the seller’s disclosure obligations and what information they should expect to receive.
  8. Closing Process and Timelines: Buyers may ask about the overall timeline for closing on a property, including the steps involved and any potential delays or contingencies that could arise.
  9. Homeowners Association (HOA): If the property is part of an HOA, buyers may inquire about HOA fees, rules and regulations, and any special assessments or upcoming projects.
  10. Future Potential: Buyers may have questions about the potential for property value appreciation, the resale value, and any planned developments or infrastructure projects in the area.

These are just a few examples of the common questions that potential home buyers often ask. Each buyer’s situation and priorities may vary, so it’s important to address their specific concerns and provide relevant information to assist them in their decision-making process.

We are ready to assist you with your personal real estate goals.

DiMaggio & Betta GroupHome Selling June 8, 2023

Common Questions Asked by Home Sellers

Real estate clients who are interested in selling their property typically have various questions and concerns. Here are some common topics they may want to know about:

den with fireplace and chairs

  1. Market Analysis: Clients often want to understand the current market conditions in their area, including recent sales prices, average days on market, and trends affecting property values.
  2. Pricing Strategy: Clients seek guidance on setting the right price for their property. They may want to know the fair market value, comparable sales in the neighborhood, and factors that can impact the listing price.
  3. Marketing Plan: Sellers want to know how their property will be marketed to attract potential buyers. They may inquire about online listings, professional photography, open houses, virtual tours, print advertising, and social media promotion.
  4. Repairs and Staging: Clients may ask about necessary repairs or improvements that can enhance the appeal of their property. They may also seek advice on staging, decluttering, or depersonalizing the home to make it more marketable.
  5. Timing and Timeline: Sellers often want to know how long it may take to sell their property and the best time to list it. They may inquire about seasonal market fluctuations and the average time properties stay on the market in their area.
  6. Negotiation and Offers: Clients may have questions about the negotiation process, including how to evaluate and respond to offers. They may want to understand contingencies, inspections, and potential counteroffers.
  7. Costs and Fees: Sellers often want to know about the costs associated with selling their property, such as real estate agent commissions, closing costs, and potential expenses related to repairs or staging.
  8. Legal and Documentation: Clients may have questions regarding the legal aspects of selling real estate, including required disclosures, contracts, and any local regulations or permits that may apply.
  9. Tax Implications: Sellers may seek information on the tax consequences of selling their property, such as capital gains taxes or tax exemptions that may be applicable in their situation.
  10. Moving and Relocation: Clients may inquire about resources for moving services, storage options, and assistance with the logistics of relocating to a new property.

These are just a few examples of the questions and concerns that real estate clients typically have when considering selling their property. Each client’s situation may vary, so it’s important to address their specific needs and provide personalized guidance throughout the selling process.

Interested in specifics for your home or move, just reach out. The DiMaggio Betta Group looks forward to speaking with you.

DiMaggio & Betta Group May 6, 2023

Live On 5! with Debbi DiMaggio and Randy Baruh

LIVE on 5! Linkedin Live with Debbi DiMaggio and Randy Baruh

Conversation Recap and Takeaways

What is the mindset you have around your job or career?

For me it has always been —  Real estate is NOT a job but a Lifestyle

Change out the word Real Estate with your Job and complete the sentence. FILL IN THE BLANK  ____________ is Not a Job but a Lifestyle

Here are 5 Top Tips to help you embrace a similar mindset. No matter what career you are in you can make it fun by following these 5 Principles.

women exercising

#1 Be Authentic | When you are doing what you love you are not only having fun but you are connecting with like-minded people who share a common interest.

man golfing

little girl kissing a horse

man and woman high fiving after a tennis match


#2 Be Creative | In Randy’s former life he was an actor and art director. Randy takes that same passion and love into his work as a real estate agent by creating entertaining  and inspiring video content. Below is one of his most viewed YouTube videos. 



#3 Create Opportunities | Rather than working from home or sitting behind a desk in the office, get out, be present and engage. When you are out in the world, or your community that is when opportunities arise. Randy strikes up conversations at his children’s sports games, standing in line at the grocery store and other places that are part of his daily routine. I don’t think this next one was intended but the outcome was unexpectedly fruitful. He was having his first colonoscopy and just was coming down from the anesthesia when the doctor, sitting in wait, across from Randy asked if Randy could help with him with a real estate need. Now that is truly an unexpected business opportunity! Randy leaned over, delirious, and grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down the contact information and details.


people walking in a beautiful galleria or museum


#4 Seek Inspiration | I find inspiration scanning fashion and design websites, movie sets, magazines, Pinterest, even Google images. The quickest way to spark creative and inspiring ideas is to Google what you are seeking to see what others are doing, then explore from there.


vogue magazines

assouline book laying open

table set with an espresso, magazine and a croissant


#5 Ask Questions | Most Realtors and quite frankly, anyone with a brand, product or service to sell is certainly more of a people person than one with an engineer type personality. One of the many aspects that keeps me so interested in real estate is working with a variety of personalities and people from around the globe. For over 30 years I have had the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and hear interesting stories. Engaging with others by asking questions is fun for me, so it’s easy to develop authentic relationships. I am truly interested in hearing other people’s stories. Randy shared a technique he uses called the FORD Method which includes question categories to ask when getting to know someone based on the FORD Method, an easy way to get a friendly conversation going.


To recap our TOP 5 Takeaways from Live On 5!

Be Authentic

Be Creative

Create Opportunities

Seek Inspiration

Ask Questions

Randy and Debbi dancing at the BeCorcoran2023 wrap party at Luke's in Nashville, Tennessee


One thing of many I will implement from our conversation today with Randy is to create videos and photographic content showing someone in the home, cooking in the kitchen, watching a movie in the media room, sipping a cocktail in the living room, reading a book on a comfortable chair in the den.

Love it Randy! Thanks for the inspiration!

man and woman cooking in the kitchen

Thank you to our guests and you, for stopping by, and allowing us to share what we love! We hope we may inspire you to feel the same — Real Estate or FILL IN THE BLANK ____________  is not a job, but a Lifestyle

Seeking to buy, sell, lease or invest in real estate in Manhattan or Brooklyn reach out to Randy Baruh.

Brooklyn Bridge

Looking for the same but in the San Francisco East Bay Area-or-Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, LA contact Debbi DiMaggio. If you are seeking to buy, sell, invest or lease in anywhere else in the world, just ask us for a referral so we can connect you with a local, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate Realtor. 

DiMaggio & Betta Group May 3, 2023

Linkedin Live on 5!

East Coast Meets West, A Real Estate Conversation with Randy Baruh (NY) and Debbi DiMaggio (CA)

Join Debbi and Randy on Linkedin Live this Friday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) — 11 AM PST and 2PM EST where they will break down the #BeCorcoran2023 Real Estate Conference hosted in the vibrant city of Nashville! Randy and ​Debbi will share marketing tips and more!

Come with questions or email ahead!




Debbi DiMaggio and Randy Baruh

Home Buying March 16, 2023

When Asked About Real Estate Myths

I chose one common real estate myth, and here was my response.

MYTH: Home Buyers DO NOT need a Realtor

TRUTH: They do.

This is a myth for both home buyers and home sellers alike.

Let’s just review why a Buyer DOES in fact, NEED a Realtor when purchasing a home. Or, should certainly consider hiring a qualified Realtor.

Here are Top 5 Reasons To Partner with A Realtor for Success:

1. The Seller pays the commission so it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity to work with an expert.

2. Would you choose not to hire an attorney if you were being sued?

3. A Realtor will guide you every step of the way; they will counsel, offer advice, break down the process and dissuade you from potentially making a big wrong decision or many small mistakes.

4. An agent will connect you with a variety of professionals from service providers to reputable lenders and efficient escrow officers, to inspectors, insurance reps and more.

5. Your agent will provide insight and expertise and know what sorts of questions to ask the listing agent, service providers, lender, insurance agent, etc.

Avoid buying a home with latent issues, getting yourself into trouble and/or making a huge financial mistake. Working with a knowledgeable agent has big upside and not working with one may potentially cause you heartache, headaches and great financial loss.

To learn more contact the DiMaggio Betta Group.

Home Selling March 16, 2023

Prop 19

Are you aware of the benefits under California Proposition 19?

Eligible homeowners have the ability to:

– Move anywhere in the state

– Purchase a more expensive home

– Transfer the property’s taxable value up to
three times in a lifetime

Have questions? Let us know how we can help.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Debbi, Adam & Chase
DiMaggio Betta Group | 510.414.6777 | 510.414.1250

DiMaggio & Betta Group January 26, 2023

Real Estate Rules + The Art of Real Estate

Colleagues, not competitors. Real (estate) Conversations 2.0 

My grandmother used to say — you get the bee with the honey not the vinegar. 

That lesson transcends into so many aspects in life — from a child on the playground, a youth on the sports field, to an adult in the workplace. 

Buying and selling real estate is a stressful and emotional time for both buyers and sellers, so it’s important for your agent to be a calming force. 

Agents are facilitators and educators. It’s not up to the agent to get emotional or defensive. Realtors provide facts and information, and our opinion when asked. It’s the seller(s) and buyer(s) who have the final say. The deal is NOT Agent vs Agent. The agents are not in a ring duking it out. Buyers and Sellers will come and go as they move in and move away. The deal will end but the agents will continue doing business together well into the years; —10, 20, 30 even 40 years later. 

We are colleagues not competitors.

Adam and I have coached and counseled numerous agents and helped them find their own success over the years. And we’ve always emphasized this Number 1 Rule in our books, on radio interviews and in panel discussions.

panel discussion

Selling real estate is fun. We are fortunate to meet new and interesting people. We work with – for the most part – a passionate group of Realtors who enjoy “playing well with others.”  We even get the opportunity to make a new friend during a transaction. Oftentimes you’ve seen an agent around town but until you were in a transaction together you didn’t really know them. One of our very best friends started out as a Realtor colleague over 15 years ago and has since become part of our family. 

There are many wins in real estate. So enjoy the ride. Realtors usually stay in the business for decades; remember that your behavior and attitude will make a difference; and kindness and gratitude will get you everywhere. Aggressive behavior and pointing fingers at your colleague and your colleague’s client is simply bad behavior. And really, how could that make anyone feel good?

As grandma Stella used to say — “you win the bee with the honey, not the vinegar.”

And as I always say, “Realtors are colleagues not competitors.”  

We are on the same team simply trying to help each client we serve by utilizing effective communication, grace and kindness —with all parties involved. 

coaching real estate agents

This is a lesson that will take you far in life, both personally and professionally. 

Debbi DiMaggio • The DiMaggio Difference

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DiMaggio & Betta Group January 14, 2023

Real Estate Conversations, New Year 2023

Home, Design, Lifestyle + Favorite Resources

Charity Highlight, January 2023!

With the holidays in the rear view mirror and we turn the corner into the Martin Luther King holiday we have gathered a few of our favorite resources to help you ease into 2023.

Last month we shared our favorite pet + house sitter to offer assistance to those traveling, and a few favorite caterers to help with all those parties. If you weren’t in need then but are looking for that information now and would like us to send you those resources or others simply reach out.

This month we share a few new favorite recommendations and a valentine charity event we’d like to invite you to.

We are always happy to share recommendations and provide referrals. Just let us know what you are seeking.

Clients, friends and colleagues, we look forward to connecting soon.

Happy 2023!

Debbi, Adam and Chase

Debbi, Adam and Chase, the DiMaggio Betta Group

By Appointment Only |

Opportunity Knocks, Duplex | 1729 Pleasant Valley, Oakland, Offered at $1,450,000

lake merrit

Real (Estate) Conversations |

Snippets, Stories, Education, Inspiration, Home, Design, Lifestyle                                                               

35 Craig Avenue, Piedmont, CA | SOLD!

Thank you to Peter Wagener ( First Republic Bank ) who helped the Buyers with their loan, last minute. Since Buyers do shop rates and switch mid deal, Buyers and their Agents MUST alert the Listing Agent ASAP as this is a change in the purchase contract originally agreed upon.

picture and bench

Thank you Peter for closing so quickly!

We appreciate you prompt, accurate, service oriented acumen; just the way agents and clients like it. 

Connect with Peter

entry way, stair banister

Real (Estate) Conversations |

SOLD! Rockridge

329 63rd Street, Oakland

Realtors are often asked how the market is doing.

In December, the market seemed to have softened. We saw signs of this trend on the heels of Memorial Weekend. While some homes sat, others experienced multiple offers.

Does competition breed more offers?

If you ask a Realtor, most will say yes.

When a home is renovated and in beautiful condition, Buyers will compete; whether in a heated Sellers market or today’s market where not all homes are flying off the shelves. If a home is updated and move-in ready, Buyers will, in fact, still compete. Just like our Buyer who beat out multiple offers for 329 63rd Street.

In the 4th Quarter of 2022, this immaculate home, impeccably renovated with an ADU realized a significant jump in the offer price.

Congratulations to Adam who helped our client prevail.

We leave Buyers and Sellers with this message:
No matter current market conditions, a home pretty, prepared and priced right will sell.

garden deck


Piedmont, Berkeley and Claremont Pines/Upper Rockridge 

Claremont Pines | Oakland just off of Broadway Terrace | Exquisite Mediterranean on Expansive Corner Lot. Piedmont | Level In, Elegant and Surrounded by Lush Landscaping. Near Top-Rated Schools, Witter Field and Parks

688 Alvarado Road, Berkeley 

claremont resort

Sweeping San Francisco Bay View Mid-Century

Location, style and impeccable design, this elegant Mid-Century boasts sweeping San Francisco Bay views sits on 2.5 lots with air rights and has been tastefully updated while keeping the original architectural design intact. Close to the Claremont Resort and Spa, the Elmwood District shops, cafes, shops and restaurants and just across the street from  the Eucalyptus path.

This 3 en-suite bedroom with home office or guest room has private access from the service funicular. A 500+ bottle capacity, climate-controlled wine cellar completes this level.

The upper level showcases beautiful public rooms ideal for indoor-outdoor entertaining and boasts two exterior terraces. Refinished hardwood floors from the living, dining room, the gourmet kitchen, breakfast room and the upper-level primary en suite. Dramatic living room features an Origami folded ceiling motif, copper accents with up-lighting. The dining room offers the same sparkling views of the Bay with sliding doors leading to the front terrace and a picture window which perfectly frames this magnificent scene. Adjacent to the kitchen with top-of-the-line stainless appliances, quartz & butcher block counters plus ample storage is a cozy sitting area with majestic views. Beautifully landscaped gardens with mature trees, two car garage with storage loft provides ample storage.

Offered at $2,950,000

688 Alvarado.com – Website Coming Soon

Alvarado living room

Monthly Highlights |

Each Month we will Highlight A Few of Our Favorite Places, Resources and Recommendations; we have so many!  Please feel free to email us your favorites so we can feature them here, or on our social media pages.  debbi.DiMaggio@corcoranICON.com

    • Restaurants 
    • Travel Destinations 
    • Spas
    • Day Trips
    • Grocery and Specialty Stores
    • Recipes, Businesses, Hiking Trail and More

woman working out

The Dailey Method Barre + Cycle Fitness |

It’s time to get back on the saddle. What is your workout d’jour? Boxing, walking and riding the Peloton is what we are doing this cycle. Changing up your exercise routine is not only good for us mentally but for our bodies. Have you tried the Dailey Method? It is the fastest way to a strong, lean, sculpted body. The Dailey Method combines the best of Pilates, yoga, and barre fitness training. Classes are an ever-evolving mix of movements that offer benefits for every body. Subscribe to their home office newsletter and get 15% off a digital training program* of your choice, plus early access to motivating thigh-shaking and core strengthening programs.

Connect with The Dailey Method | https://thedaileymethod.com/


Tech Consultant | Meet Alfredo

“We are not just an IT Managed Services Provider.”

We are People Focused technology experts that love creating personalized solutions catered to fit your business needs. Leveraging technology to your advantage doesn’t need to be a mystery or big secret. With our Managed Services offering, let our team break down your network and systems infrastructure to identify the areas of strengths and pain points. We’ll find the solution that allows your business to focus on what you do, instead of the tech behind how you do it.

Connect with Alfredo Lopez | alfredo@altitudets.com 


Travel Consultant | Sasha Charney

Real Estate always leads to meeting new people and making new friends. 

A few years back I met Sasha at our open house and gave her and her husband a few recommendations for their home. In the fall we finally sat down for coffee at my favorite place, Terrace Cafe. It was so wonderful to learn more about her life and business. Sasha is so low key I had no idea how knowledgeable and connected she is in the travel industry.

We highly recommend you contact Sasha for your next trip or expedition, whether to Europe, Africa or a trip around the world.

My mother, daughter and I had the opportunity to visit London and Paris in November —

Three Generations. Me, B and my 83 year old Mom.

We thank Sasha for her assistance, expertise and connections. 

Enlivened Travel

An Affiliate of Departure Lounge 



Debbi and Bianca in Paris


Joyful Chef | Healing Cooking

After 12 years on the commercial side, Sarah has returned to her initial vision, healing through food by becoming a holistic chef. Over the past 3 years, Chef Sarah has fed many busy families, nurtured those with restrictive diets due to varying health conditions and goals, as well as nourishing brand-new mothers and their families. As the seasons’ turn, a level of excitement fuels the perfect meal plan for her clients, grocery shopping makes her feel like a girl in the candy shop and as she cooks up your delicious meals, she knows that she has made your life just a little bit easier. That is personal.

Contact the Joyful Chef


A Few Words | From Our Amazing Clients, Jackie and Derek 

living room with high ceilings


We wanted to take a moment and compliment the outstanding service of the DiMaggio and Betta Group! My husband and I have worked with Debbi and Adam before and once again they were outstanding! There are a few things that really stand out when you work with them: ease of the entire process, timely responses, social media presence and anticipating your every need. As we navigated the sale of our Mother’s home, it was not easy by any means. First, we had to clear out the home, and Debbi, Adam and Chase assisted us with finding the help we needed to clear the home. Next, we began staging and preparing the home. Every step of the way they had a contact or vendor to make it easy.

Lastly, the sale, it was executed flawlessly from the open houses to fielding offers. DiMaggio & Betta Group ensured we got the absolute top offer and did not miss any detail during the entire process. Most of all, we appreciate the constant communication, prevalent posts to social media and how they anticipated our every need as the customer. They showed care, empathy and made us feel important as we went through the sale of a treasured family home!

Bravo to Debbi, Adam & Chase… if you wants a first class Agent and a flawless real estate experience they are your team! 

Thanks, Jackie & Derek 

(Adam, Chase and I are honored to have represented Derek and Jackie over the years with 3 separate transactions helping them to achieve their real estate goals.)



Unwrap Your Generosity | Eat, Sip, Mingle, Dance | for Good

Hill Branch, Valentine’s Dance, A Benefit for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland @  University Club Level, Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley from 6-10PM, Saturday, February 11, 2023

Purchase Your Tickets and Bring A Friend Hill Branch


laptop, briefcase and a cup of coffee

Resources + Referrals | Realtor Network Connect

If you are seeking a home outside of the East Bay allow us to connect you with one of our Realtor partners so we can be sure that you, your colleagues or loved ones is provided with exceptional service, attention to detail and the utmost care, just as we provide to our own clients.

two men looking at an iPad, one man wearing a white shirt, wearing a stainless steel watch, the other man is wearing a dark suit

Thank you to our partner Realtors for assisting our clients in your area and we thank you for your referrals. We look forward to continued partnerships to best serve the needs of all our clients.

Thank you to our affiliate business partners

  • BNI
  • Haute Residence
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Giveback Homes

Whatever you are in need of just reach out. Allow the DiMaggio Betta Group to be your number one resource for real estate, referrals and resources. We’ve got you covered.

Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2023!

Debbi, Adam and Chase

DiMaggio & Betta GroupIn The News December 27, 2022

New Year, New Name, Same Iconic Brand

The new affiliate debuts in six of the region’s most desirable markets, including the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Corcoran today announced the launch of its newest affiliate, Corcoran Icon Properties. Based in Northern California, the new company comprises 24 offices and over 900 sales associates and staff who were formerly with well-known brands, including Zephyr Real Estate, Terra Firma Global Partners, MikkiMoves Real Estate, Barry Ward Realty, Caldecott Properties, Discovery Bay Properties, Thrive Real Estate, and Highland Partners.

With a footprint that stretches across six markets, including the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Humboldt County, and Calaveras County in California’s Gold Country, sales associates will continue to represent clients in some of the most discerning communities in the region.

Corcoran Icon Properties will be led by CEO Randall Kostick and President Steve Belluomini. Kostick has been in the real estate business for over 35 years, while Belluomini was the former President of Thrive Real Estate.

Rounding out this talented leadership team is Chief Operating Officer, Matt Borland, and Chief Marketing Officer, Melody Foster. Not only will this continuity of leadership benefit the broader team; creating a new entity within the Corcoran affiliate network allows agents to have access to the same tools and services that they’ve relied on, ensuring they don’t miss a beat when servicing their clients.

“I’m thrilled to see Corcoran Icon Properties ushering in a new era for Corcoran in Northern California,” said Pamela Liebman, President and CEO of The Corcoran Group. “With the power of our brand behind them, I’m confident that this team will achieve even greater success in 2023 and beyond.”

“Forming a new Corcoran franchise with our united NorCal group allowed us to oversee our operations at a local level and position the team for a successful future,” added Belluomini. “This is an exciting moment for us, and I’d like to thank a very hard-working group of agents and staff for staying the course and joining us on this new road together.”